City Council Attempting to Remove Single Family Home R1 Zoning City Wide: List of Updated Articles

South San Francisco, CA  March 8, 2021

As the current City Council has a majority vote to remove single-family homes in our zoning throughout South San Francisco in the updated General Plan, neighbors have been very vocal with their input.  Be aware: this ‘upzoning’ has already been approved in other CA cities.


Further, please check out, subscribe, and support Liveable California as they fight in Sacramento for our housing rights. One of the founders of this group is Zelda Bronstein, a former resident of South San Francisco, and daughter of the Grand Ave music store by the same name ‘BRONSTEIN’.

We will continue to share on this page, articles, and information pertaining to the attempt to remove R1 from our general plan

Please continue contacting our City Council and feel free to share a copy of your outreach to EverythingSouthCity:


400 Grand Avenue, SSF

Everything South City FB conversation

SMDJ: SSF may upzone single-family neighborhoods


SMDJ: South City tables upzoning -Officials agree to postpone further exploration to make room for regional and state discussions

Letter to Editor: Response to the City of SSF R1 Single Family Home zoning change study by Marty Romero


SB 9 and SB 10 Will Make Your Community Unaffordable & Unrecognizable: Video/Slides by United Neighbors


Governor Newsom recently included a new Housing Accountability Unit (HAU) in his proposed budget. Livable California opposes this as major executive over-reach threatening the balance of power between the executive branch, the legislative branch, and local governments.

The governor said: ““Let me just make this clear to all my friends,” Newsom said, “this is to monitor city council meetings. This is to monitor board of supervisors meetings, planning commission meetings. We’re not going to wait for an article to be written to be proactive in terms of holding local government accountable to increasing housing production.”

Livable California strongly supports local government and the close participation of communities at that level. We believe that having an state executive “policeman” in our local meetings will have a chilling effect on communities’ dialogue with their local elected officials.





Chiu, Wiener attack ‘left-right pincers’ on housing


SSF Proposes Zoning Changes Allowing Split Lots in Expanded ‘Downtown’ District(s)




I oppose this move, they are looking VOTES – John L McCarthy


yeah, that’s what we need, more people,
more traffic, more crime, more taxes,and the rich get richer, YOU have a say in this disaster, YOU get what you vote for, tell the politicans where they
can go


Best way shall be limit building single family home, not remove – Sam Tang

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