PRESENTING: Everything South City Eats and Cooks with Chef Ava Marie

South San Francisco, CA  March 7, 2021 by Chef Ava Marie, ESC Weekly Foodie Columnist

South San Francisco Celebrity Chef Ava Marie fulfilling a lifetime dream to be on the set with Celeb Chef Guy Fieri

PREFACE: We are excited to announce that South San Francisco Chef Ava Marie has joined our Everything South City team and will be sharing a weekly column here! Chef Ava Marie brings a wealth of experience with her, and her weekly column will be showcased in our new special Tuesday Foodie Digest – all about local flavor, specials, and everything foodie! Be sure to sign up for our digests – CLICK HERE! (for back issues of our weekly digest CLICK HERE)

Everything South City Eats and Cooks with Chef Ava Marie

Attention bay area cooks, chefs, and food bloggers its time to enter the world food championships Taste of America recipe contest!!

My name is Chef Ava Marie a South City based food blogger, Chef award-winning competition home cook, and of course loves teaching cooking classes, and was born with autism.

I am your new Everything South City Food Columnist so each Tuesday I will put out a recipe and an article on all things South San Francisco Culinary offerings.

Today’s article is I encourage all passionate award-winning competition home cooks, chefs in restaurants, bloggers etc to enter the World Food Championships Taste of America recipe contest 2021. There will be covid practices in place.

Thirty winners from all over including South City will receive a golden ticket toward the world food championships. We have 4 categories remaining bacon, burger, recipe and sandwich.

Five golden ticket winners will automatically win a waived entry fee and 6 th to 30 th place will have to pay a 300.00 entry fee or save up for 2022. They will work with you on your financial interest.

I have been there but remaining they do not choose favorites. They choose based on our passion for food and cooking talents and that’s what food Champs do.

I will be offering a live cooking demonstration on March 9th at 2pm so head over to Chef Ava Marie Facebook page for my class will give you requirements you have to cook with like impossible foods and red gold tomato sriracha Ketchup which I will be incorporating for vegan cheeseburger taquitos and this is what vegans request for I deliver the promise for my clients of all appetites.

So come back next week as I bring more delight and the latest food trends in South City until next time – Bye




Cheeseburger taquitos (vegan)

1lb impossible foods plant based meat

1 onion chopped
2 tbl red gold tomato Sriracha Ketchup
2 tbl chopped pickles
2 tsp Koops mustard
½ bag miyokos vegan cheddar cheese shreds
15 corn Tortillas warmed
Nonstick avocado oil cooking spray
Preheat oven to 400 degrees

line cookie sheet with parchment paper set aside.

In a large nonstick skillet over medium-high heat brown meat and onion Until rendered down (drain excess fat if needed) immediately add pickles, ketchup, mustard and stir to combine and then add
a handful of vegan cheese and allow to melt through. And transfer to a bowl.
Warm Tortillas one at a time until warm then lay on a flat surface and spoon with a tablespoonful of filling and roll up tight and place seam side down onto a baking pan mist with nonstick cooking
spray bake for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown and crisp plate and enjoy



Chef Ava Marie



Ava Marie is a lifelong resident of South San Francisco and lives in Winston Manor with her family. Born with autism, Ava Marie has never let that, or anything else, get in the way of her goals. Her passion for cooking and teaching is contagious and she’ll have you cooking and baking up a storm in your own kitchen like a pro in no time! Chef Ava Marie has won several awards, authored cookbooks and offers live cooking demonstrations on her Facebook page. To read Everything South City articles on Chef Ava Marie CLICK HERE. To read her blog, full of great recipes, CLICK HERE. And follow her on Facebook CLICK HERE. If you have suggestions for recipes or have questions, please email Chef Ava Marie CLICK HERE.






Amazing news! Chef Ava will be the perfect fit for your magazine! She’s an amazing young women with an incredible drive to be her best self and share her love of food with others! Congratulations Ava! I’m so very proud of you my friend!!


Chef Ava is an inspiration to us all. Her drive and talents never cease to amaze me. Congratulations chef! – Lisa Keys


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