Letter to Editor: South City Woman Reports Theft by Stranger in Local Parking Lot – Be Aware!!

South San Francisco, CA  March 13, 2021 by South City Neighbor

My mom was basically robbed today.

After she was done shopping at the Pacific Super on El Camino around 1:00pm on Friday the 12th, she was approached by a shorter heavy-set Middle Eastern woman who looked to be in her 50s. She first asked my mother where CVS was, and after my mom proceeded to get in her car, the lady then blocked my mom’s door from closing and proceed to slip a ring on her finger. She kept saying it was her mom’s birthday and to take the jewelry. She then proceeded to place a gold chain on my mom’s neck. After the exchanges happened, my mom watched her get into a black SUV with a man in the driver’s seat and drive off. They even waived and smiled.


It was not until later that night when my mom was telling my uncle what happened via FaceTime that she realized that her own necklace was no longer around her neck. The lady must have switched it when she put the necklace on.


A police report has been filed {File #21-1438} and unfortunately, we were not the only ones to file one that day. The descriptions, area and time pretty much line up so I’m assuming it’s the same people


Please, please, PLEASE… don’t let this happen to you or your loved ones. Yes, my mother knows she should have known better. {these scammers know how to make their prey off balance quickly!} After giving her a stern talk, I am just glad she was not physically hurt. But please, if anyone saw anything, knows anything, or sees this happen to anyone else, please report it to SSFPD immediately – 650-877-8900!





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