ACTION ALERT: HJTA launches Reinstate 58 effort to reverse tax hike in Prop. 19

South San Francisco, CA  April 29, 2021 h/t to Robert Riechel Reports

From Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association

We’re excited to share the news that HJTA has launched an effort to reverse the damaging property tax increase on inherited homes and businesses that was added to the state constitution with the passage of Proposition 19 in November.

It’s hard to imagine anything more callous than the government sending a giant tax bill to a bereaved family, but thanks to Proposition 19, many California families will have that unfortunate experience.

HJTA is sponsoring Senate Bill 668, introduced by Sen. Patricia Bates (Laguna Niguel), which would continue the protection against tax increases for intergenerational transfers of property until February 16, 2023. Proposition 19’s changes to the tax treatment of inherited property took effect in February, leaving Californians little time to consult with family members, attorneys or tax professionals to plan for these sudden, harsh changes to property tax liability for the next generation.

HJTA also supports a constitutional amendment to reinstate Proposition 58 (1986) and Proposition 193 (1996), two measures that were overwhelmingly approved by voters to protect family property from reassessment when passed from parents to children or grandparents to grandchildren. Assemblyman Kevin Kiley (Granite Bay) is working with HJTA on final language for an Assembly Constitutional Amendment that would restore these protections.

California voters have strongly opposed state inheritance taxes, which were abolished by constitutional amendment in 1982. Proposition 19 has effectively resurrected the inheritance tax in California, with the added burden that families must pay it every year as a condition of keeping their property.

ACTION ALERT: We’re counting on YOU to call your state representatives and urge them to support Senate Bill 668 – to give Californians more time to plan transfers of family property – and to support a constitutional amendment to reinstate the protection from reassessment when property is transferred from parents to children. Tell them you support SB 668 and a constitutional amendment to reinstate Propositions 58 and 193.

You can look up the names and contact information of your state representatives at, or find the full list of state lawmakers at: {San Mateo County = Senator Josh Becker}

More information about HJTA’s effort to reverse the Prop. 19 tax increase may be found at

Please share this information with your friends, family and neighbors. It’s urgent that we tell the Legislature: This tax increase must be reversed to protect California families. Please call your state representatives as soon as possible.


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3 years ago

I feel that our CA voting system is corrupt. For Prop19 to pass seems like something went wrong with the counting of votes. Almost everyone in CA is a parent, grandparent or an adult child who would deny a family of such costly provision of taxing them on a gift. The passing of this prop19 seems to have a ring of fixed numbers. Something like what happened in our November 2020 election. We know that the former Sec of State Alex P had installed the Dominin Machines back in 2008. Because has corruption all over it, the possibility of many things this state can change without anyone ever knowing it is very high. And know one wants to talk about it. What about appealing the Gas Tax? We all know that they ‘tricked’ us by changing the wording on the ballot. There isn’t one person who wants our gas prices going up any more than it already has. Why isn’t anyone saying or talking about that? We need to have that on the ballot AGAIN in 2022, and I bet the signatures will come with no problem.