Livable California Announces Sat. April 3 at 10 am Teleconference – MUST REGISTER by 3pm FRIDAY

South San Francisco, CA   March 31, 2021 Livable California

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Hi folks!

This is an RSVP-only teleconference on April 3 at 10 AM. 

By 3 pm this Friday you must RSVP HERE at this link. Any problems email


Is Sacramento City Hall really killing its single-family zoning to allow 4-to-6 units, a first in CA? Did they set off a domino effect in Berkeley, and uneasy talk in South San Francisco?


Join special guests from the Sacramento housing wars, on Sat. April 3 at 10 am!


What you’ll learn on April 3:

Why do Sacramento pols think that upzoning 5,000 sq. ft and smaller lots creates affordability?

Why upzoning actually results in downsizing diversity, instead of encouraging diversity?

Is this like the measles, where YOUR city council gets the bug? If so, what to do!


Arm yourself with knowledge. Please read: fact sheet opposing SB 9 and fact sheet opposing SB 10. These fatally flawed bills cannot be fixed via amendments.


Livable California is a little guy fighting very big pockets, so please donate here. We deeply appreciate it! We can’t sit by as forces try to overrun 430 cities with market-rate density.


Please RSVP NOW HERE at this linkYou must RSVP by 3 pm this Friday. We prefer organized groups who are willing to meet with their legislators, but singles are fine too!



We ask that you DONATE today, and we thank you so very much!


Livable California is a non-profit statewide group of community leaders, activists and local elected officials. We believe in local answers to the housing affordability crisis. Our robust fight requires trips to Sacramento & a lobbyist going toe-to-toe with power. Please donate generously to here.




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According to the Association for Bay Area Governments, under leadership of Jesse Arreguin among others, Berkeley must issue 9,000 occupancy permits over an 8 year period or else it must give up local democratic control over most project approvals.

Arreguin, Droste, Kesarwani, Robinson, and Taplin are all enthusiastic supporters of this. These are the same people whose campaign workers call those of you critical of YIMBYism racists, and even accuse you of nazism.

Let’s do some arithmetic.

9,000 units in 8 years is 1,125 units per year on average.

Assuming a 50 week work year, that’s 22.5 units receiving occupancy permits per week, every work week, for 8 years.

At a lowball estimate of $500,000 investment per unit built, that means (at today’s prices) investment of $11,250,000 in new construction every single work week for 8 years. That’s in Berkeley alone. The quotas for other Bay Area cities are equally bullshit.

Under state law authored by Senator traitor Nancy Skinner, Senator traitor Scott Weiner, and others, because the impossible number of units will not be built, the City of Berkeley and others will lose democratic control over project approvals.

We can come to one of two conclusions:

1. Perhaps our mayor is too dumb or lazy to have done the arithmetic.

2. Perhaps he is intentionally conspiring to attack democracy in Berkeley.

Either way, he is enthusiastically joined by Droste, Kesarawani, Robinson, and Taplin.

-Tom Lord, former member of the Berkeley Housing Advisory Commission

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