Update on Medication Drop Off in South San Francisco Police Department

South San Francisco, CA  April 13, 2021

In response to a question posted on our social media regarding disposing of unused medications, we are updating our information from our 2014 outreach HERE.

Linda C posed this question:

I received a message from the City of Lakeport on this and was wondering if police departments down here are doing it as well and if their are any particular stations- Thank you National Prescription Take Back Day on April 24, 2021 police stations are taking old or not using prescriptions back.

Please note our City has continued the medication take back program for many years and our update is advising new locations to drop off unused medications, per San Mateo County Health Department. For more info CLICK HERE.

Kaiser Pharmacy
1200 El Camino Real
(650) 742-2000

Probation Department – SSF
1024 Mission Road
(650) 877-5411

South San Francisco Police Department
33 Arroyo Drive
(650) 877-8900

Sunshine Center Pharmacy
1166 Mission Road
(650) 589-4133

399 El Camino Real

UPDATE 10/26/2021:

Rite Aid on Hickey/ Skyline at Safeway shopping center will also accept unused medications

LC has shared this tip:

Please note: If you have sharps, please dispose of them at a designated sharps drop-off location.


UPDATE: MORE INFO regarding water pollution from medications and impact on fish  https://www.americanrivers.org/threats-solutions/clean-water/pharmaceuticals-personal-care/

And an older interesting article on human impact from Canada https://thetyee.ca/News/2013/06/17/Gender-Bending-Chemicals/

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