FREE Mattress Recylce at SSF Blue Line Transfer

South San Francisco, CA  May 17, 2021 h/t SSF Scavengers

“You can recycle up to 4 mattresses/box springs at Blue Line Transfer for no charge.” The South San Francisco Scavenger Company writes on their FB page. “Must be all you bring; fees apply to mixed waste loads. Must be delivered to Blue Line in a non-commercial vehicle.”

Blue Line Transfer is located at 500 East Jamie Court, SSF  and can be reached by calling 650-589-4020. More info CLICK HERE

It would be great to get this information our to our neighbors – it is shameful when we see mattresses dumped on our streets when they can be disposed of properly.

Taking proper care of your mattress will help it last longer. When it’s time to replace your mattress, we would love if you

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