CA State Assemblyman Kevin Mullin 2021 Legislation

South San Francisco, CA  June 25, 2021 h/t to Riechel Reports

Assemblymember Kevin Mullin


Article Source:  CA State Assemblyman Kevin Mullin

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2021 Legislation
AB 334 – will establish/create a rebuttable presumption within the Workers Compensation system that skin cancer among Fish and Wildlife Officers and Park Rangers is associated with excessive exposure to the sun during their employment, removing unnecessary barriers for these employees to qualify for workers compensation benefits.

AB 435 – is a consumer protection bill that strengthens an individuals’ ability to understand prior to purchasing a hearing-aid if it contains proprietary software and cannot be repaired/adjusted at a different retailer than where it was originally purchased. This legislation does not prohibit the use of proprietary hearing aid software, but ensures the consumer is notified in writing of the existing parameters.

AB 464 – Allows local government entities greater access to Enhanced Infrastructure Financing District (EIFD) funding in order to provide additional capital investments for affordable housing, homeless shelters and services along with small business assistance.

AB 728 – Aligns the timeline by which county voter information guides are required to be mailed out with that of vote by mail ballots so both ballots and the information guides arrive at a similar time and voters have access to the information in the guide.

AB 813 – Would require the Department of Developmental Services to establish an administrative pilot program to better track and measure outcomes and quality of services authorized by regional centers and provided through a vendor to consumers in order to continually improve the services provided.

AB 897 – Seeks to encourage and support regional climate adaptation planning that builds upon and enhances local adaptation actions to reduce climate risk, foster collaboration among local, regional, and state entities on adaptation solutions, and develop guidance for potential state, federal, or private investment in funding regional priority adaptation projects across the state.

AB 949 – Would establish a grant program to provide funding to interested community colleges for establishing a biosciences incubator on their campus through a public/private partnership.

AB 959 – Would give California’s four independent Park Districts public nuisance abatement authority to efficiently and effectively address the multitude of public nuisances that they confront regularly.

AB 1029 – Would add “preservation of affordable housing units” to HCD’s list of “pro-housing local policies” that entitle jurisdictions to priority access for state housing funds. AB 1029 is urgency legislation.

AB 1137 – Seeks to identify opportunities to expanded automatic voter registration in California by requiring the Secretary of State’s office to conduct a study on existing programs and infrastructure for current efforts and identify other state agencies that have the capacity of incorporate automatic voter registration programs into their existing operations.

AB 1374 – Would allow the Department of Motor Vehicles, in consultation with Donate Life California, to revise the questions regarding enrollment in the Organ and Tissue Donor Registry on the application for a driver’s license or identification card so they better reflect current best practices.

Mullin, Kevin

District Office:

1528 South El Camino Real – Suite 302

San Mateo, CA 94402

Tel: (650) 349-2200

Fax: (650) 341-4676



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