San Mateo County Jobs for Youth Opportunities for Employers and Potential Employees

South San Francisco, CA  July 14, 2021 by County of San Mateo Jobs for Youth

Calling all employers looking to employ youths!

Are you an employer or know someone who would love to hire a youth this summer? If so, look no further! The County of San Mateo Jobs for Youth program began in 1982 serving all youth 14-21 years of age who reside in San Mateo County with employment services. Our services do not have any specific eligibility or income requirements, we serve all youth regardless of one’s socioeconomic status or risk level. Our program is designed to assist youth in an effort to increase their self-esteem while gaining important job seeking skills. Are you ready to master the job application form, gain job seeking skills, gain interviewing skills, get help with resumes, cover letters, references, or even examples of thank you letters/emails to employers? There is no better time than now!

So, are you ready to post a Job? Follow these simple steps!

First, all employers are required to register as an employer as part of our vetting processes. You only need to do this once.
Once you’re approved, you simply log-in and post as many job jobs as you would like and often you would like.
We are beyond appreciative of our community’s willingness to provide our youth with an opportunity to contribute to your business and our community as we reemerge post COVID-19. We thank you all for collaborating and contributing to the resiliency of our community! Questions? Please feel free to email

Calling all youth looking for a job!

We know that many of you are looking to find a job for this summer but may be struggling to find the best fit for you. For this reason we would love for you all to refer to our Landing the Job Workbook – CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!
This workbook was designed to provide youth with the essential tips, tricks, and resources needed to be successful and confident in the job seeking process. We encourage you all to refer to page 14 “The Job Search” which provides you with a diagram that will help you both navigate and identify the steps, skills, and resources necessary to land the job!
Refer to our workbook for other helpful tips to becoming a model employee!


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