How Bellatrix My Beloved Australian Cattle Dog Came Into Our Lives by Chef Ava Marie

South San Francisco, CA  August 17, 2021 by Chef Ava Marie

Chef Ava Marie’s Pup Bellatrix


Chef Ava Marie has a sweetest family dog named Bellatrix and she’s one awesome dog. She describes her pup the most affectionate and smartest dog she ever met. Her brothers Frankie and Billy love her so much they often visit from after work to see Bellatrix. My dad Marty did a great job picking out a cutest dog and he just felt in love with the dog and she is so loved by neighbors and here’s a few things about Bellatrix


She loves to play ball with humans, she loves to go for car rides with dad Marty and see my 90-year-old active grandma and she enjoys being around other people. She is friends with another dog named Max but she is very high temperament and doesn’t like birds or cats she will chase them off even raccoons or possums. But she is such a beautiful pup and she enjoys eating but has allergies so we try to keep her extra healthy by giving her proper care so she has a shiny coat and longevity.


So, we rescued Bellatrix from Peninsula Humane Society in 2013 and she been with us ever-since and we just love her day to day with all her cuteness and she’s a very sweet loyal doggie.

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