The Pandemic Hangover: Important Virtual Event Tuesday August 31st at 5PM- Register NOW

South San Francisco, CA  August 19, 2021 by Daniela Jonguitud, Chajinel Home Care Services


Good afternoon, everyone.
From a space of utmost respect, I want to invite you to this conversation, “pandemic hangover”. I am hoping through this discussion,  to create a space for us to recognize our emotions, and lessons for the past year and a half, and find a healthy way to integrate them into the being we have become.
The Pandemic Hangover is an overdue conversation about the big impact the pandemic has left in our collective and community. As business owners, workers of health (healers), and leaders of the community, we are impacted and bombarded by the collective for good or bad.
What is the aftermath of the pandemic in myself, my family, my business, and my life?
How can we better understand how the community feels as a whole?
How can we become more emphatic of the impact these days have had in others?
How can we recognize and support others throughout their journey?
How can we create and hold space for people to communicate their pain and discomfort in a healthy way?
Having the opportunity to talk about the state of alertness our society has been living in, the lack of control,  and all the difficulties that the pandemic has left behind, (inability to grieve your loved ones, the impact of survivor guilt in the community, the impact of those who exposed their loved ones to the virus and had to face their death, the impact of living on edge in a survival mode,  the lack of certainty, and control)  it is important. We have been living in survival mode for so long, that we have forgotten to step back, check with ourselves, grieve, express the emotions we have felt, and face the losses we had to endure. All of these factors have been constant in our community, creating a lack of patience, a sense of needing to escape, collective anger, and more… (can you recognize it?).
Join me and the Chamber of Commerce of South San Francisco, to discuss these factors, and how we can help each other, to accept, understand, grief, transition, and adapt to the new normal…
In deep gratitude,
Daniela Jonguitud 

Chajinel Home Care Services 
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