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South San Francisco, CA  October 1, 2021

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We are currently publishing two digests a week; Every Friday is a compilation of the week’s articles. And every Tuesday we are alternating between our FOODIE digest and our PET digest – both have been received with enthusiasm!


Rest assured, we do not collect personal information, nor do we sell your email address or anything of that nature. We’re neighbors with the purpose of hooking up local neighbors with information from local neighbors and providing resources archived on our site.


As we watch social media continue to change, and not always in a good way, we are working harder to get information directly to our neighbors outside of social media channels. FB has altered its algorithms to the point that those who have chosen to follow us on that platform complain they are not seeing our posts.


In addition, FB has censored some of our posts for the silliest of things and has banned them from our page. One that continued to be censored was a local neighbor selling cookies that are specially made for lactating moms. Yup, this was censored and not allowed on our Friday Free For All post!



Therefore we are not posting all of our content on social media platforms and invite you to stay in the know by utilizing the two forms listed above: Instant Updates and Weekly Digest


We also encourage our neighbors to take a moment to review Online Safety Reminders: Social Media, Emails, Cyber Attacks and more    When we are online we often may share more information than what is in our best interest, especially when it comes to social media ‘games’ and understanding that not all neighborly platforms are used strictly by neighbors.


Stay safe online and keep up to date – Sign Up Today!


If you have suggestions on topics you’d like to see covered or have items to share, please send them to We got you covered!




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