South San Francisco Police Officer Kathleen Walsh Becomes City’s First Motor Officer

South San Francisco, CA  October 1, 2021 via SSFPD FB

First South San Francisco Police Department Female Motor Officer Joins The Traffic Division

Officer Kathleen Walsh (15-year veteran of the SSFPD) finally received her wheels and wings this year and has formally become a member of the SSFPD traffic division.


Officer Walsh has enjoyed a very memorable career and has held many positions/ assignments, to include field training officer, academy recruit training officer, downtown bicycle patrol, and crisis negotiator.


Earlier this year Officer Walsh set out to fulfill her dream of becoming the first female motor officer to be assigned to the SSFPD traffic division. Officer Walsh went through several weeks of pre-training to prepare and attended an 80-hour police motorcycle training course. The police motorcycle training course is designed to both mentally and physically prepare new motor officers to operate a Police Motorcycle safely and effectively, while performing a variety of law enforcement duties. Upon completion of the course, Officer Walsh was assigned to a Motorcycle Training Officer for an additional 80 hours, to evaluate her performance while on duty. Officer Walsh successfully completed this rigorous process and has now officially earned her wheels and wings.


Outstanding job Officer Walsh!


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