Celebrate New Years – NO GUNS – SMC Sheriff Office Puts Out Reminder

South San Francisco, CA December 27, 2021 Submitted by Angelique Presidente, ESC


Hey South City:
The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office reminds us that shooting guns in the air to ring in the New Year is a dangerous way to celebrate. Please remember that what goes up must come down! Don’t be THAT person!! You could seriously injure or kill somebody you know and love or even a stranger. Be smarter!
-AP {Angelique Presidente}
From SMC Sheriff’s Office:
Shooting a gun is a reckless way to ring in the New Year. Not only is it illegal but every year, people are hurt or killed as a result of stray bullets from celebratory gunfire. The San Mateo County Sheriff’s Office will be using ShotSpotter technology and will be enforcing so don’t celebrate irresponsibly.
Please celebrate safely and responsibly. Have a happy New Year!


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