Circle of Inspiration: Neighbors Helping Neighbors

South San Francisco, CA  December 7, 2021


It was just a random Facebook post that caught eye, something about neighbors helping neighbors – which was the exact purpose I had in mind when I founded back in 2009. I immediately applied to join this FB group, now known as Circle of Inspiration, and the outpouring of love continues to amaze me everyday. Do take a moment and read the Christmas story at the bottom of this article.


One post came from someone who wasn’t able to get to the store and needed formula and food for that evening. Within moments of posting their plea for assistance locals were there offering help. Another person had some gently used items to offer, and soon there were a few that asked if they could please be considered.


THIS. This is the magic we need more of, the helping of each other. To be able to ask for help, and to know we all have something of value to offer to others; it is loving and humble acts between unknown friends that makes the world better. Circle of Inspiration is exactly that. Those in the group have proven to be good willed and keep information private, the credit goes to the admins for the constant monitoring.


One of the original founders, Fenny, is our godsend neighbor in South San Francisco, and she and the other admins of this group work so hard to fill in voids in the lives of others. From monitoring daily requests, to providing free events such as essential items and food distribution, back to school event or the Thanksgiving meals and now fulfilling the wish lists of kids that would otherwise go without gifts. You may have already heard of Fenny’s porch; this angel among us continues to offer free food to those in need, by pre-arrangement, on FB and via “Just don’t step on my rocks!” Fenny tells the visitors in a way that brings smiles to all.


The ongoing group can be accessed on FACEBOOK/META CLICK HERE after answering a few questions to be vetted before being approved. Within that group, they offer sub-groups to cover specific needs such as Thanksgiving, Holiday, Back to School, Holiday Giving, and more.


CLICK HERE to join the Circle of Inspiration Public Page
CLICK HERE to join the FB Group (Meta)
DONATIONS can be made via  Paypal:coisfba@gmail.comand Venmo: @circleofinspiration


HOLIDAY DONATIONS – Subgroup of Circle of Inspiration

Currently they are looking for donors who will choose their family from their list, or donate to their pool of funds, to sponsor the unsponsored families.The family in need will supply their family information with max 4 kids per family. Each kid will supply 3 wish lists ranges between $25-35. The sponsor must deliver before 12/18/2021.

They are currently  working with some schools and other organizations and families, hopefully everyone will get sponsored, however, more than likely not everyone will. They will then need to use the funds to sponsor these families that don’t have matched sponsors. To date over 50 South City families will have brighter holidays due to the efforts of Circle of Inspiration and the good people who help this organization thrive. And far more than that within the Bay Area. If you do donate, please let them know you were referred by EverythingSouthCity.


Circle of Inspiration (CoI) is a volunteer run, non-profit organization. The mission is to create a community to provide resources and inspire each other to keep on giving and lending a helping hand to those in need. COI aims to create partnerships within the community (e.g. stores, agencies, other non-profits, donors) to provide weekly food distributions and yearly events such as the back-to-school drive, Thanksgiving event, Holiday Giving Event to members. The model is that one act of generosity sets other acts of giving in motion.

COI is a family, a place where members share resources, a place people can lean on each other for support and relief. It is a group of people that strongly believe in putting good out into the world. This may look like making sure there is food on your table, groceries in your refrigerator, new school supplies for your kids, or something special under the tree during the holidays. Whatever ways help is needed, COI will strive to meet the need. 

COI is a community that cheers each other through the good times and lends a helping hand through the rough times. The goal is to create a never ending circle of inspiring kindness that can grow and grow. 

COI is an inclusive group, welcoming all human diversity. Members are encouraged to adopt a similar perspective.

As of today, there are approximately 1.2k members from across the SF Bay Area.

CLICK HERE to join the FB Group (Meta)
CLICK HERE to for the public page

DONATIONS can be made via  Paypal:coisfba@gmail.comand Venmo: @circleofinspiration
(tax receipts will be given)




CLICK HERE to join the FB Group (Meta)
DONATIONS can be made via  Paypal:coisfba@gmail.comand Venmo: @circleofinspiration
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