Fundraiser for Kaiser SSF Local 39 Strike Line Fund

South San Francisco, CA  December 7, 2021


Today is day 81, week #12, that our South San Francisco Kaiser Local 39 Stationary and Biomedical Engineers have been on strike. Twelve weeks without a regular paycheck. During the holidays. During a time of increased prices, including gas and heat. During a time others are enjoying family and festivities, they walk the line.


Please consider helping them by donating a few dollars on their GO-FUND-ME page CLICK HERE. They were really hoping it wouldn’t come to this – yet sadly it has. Families have to eat, rents have to be paid, and your help is really appreciated. To read more about this strike please CLICK HERE.



This fundraiser is for our co-workers, Kaiser IUOE Local 39 members, currently on the strike line at Kaiser Hospital in South San Francisco. They been on the picket line 24/7 since Sept 18th and have not received a paycheck since.


Union negotiators have been trying to work with Kaiser for a contract that would keep the Engineers at prevailing wage to other NorCal hospitals.


The Union’s strike fund has been depleted so they need our help! Any amount you can contribute is appreciated but also we really need people to share this within their networks.


Can’t make a contribution? We understand, times are tough right now. Here are some other things you can do to support:


-Visit the strike line, grab a sign, walk the line for your lunch break, or before or after work, or even on your day off


-Stop by the strike line for a few minutes to offer some friendly words of encouragement


-Honk, smile and wave as you drive by the strike line


-Drop off some bottled waters to the strike line


-Share share share! Share the link to this fundraiser on your social media, text messages, emails, etc


-Please check back at a later time if you are in a better position to contribute financially, this GoFundMe will be active as long as the strike is active.


Thank you in advance for all you can do.




The Kaiser South San Francisco Medical Center Stationary and Biomedical Engineers


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