Holiday Sights Around Town –

South San Francisco, CA  December 20, 2021

Are you enjoying the sights around town? We appreciate those neighbors who share photos with us all – please feel free to send yours to

Robert Mantegani, our neighbor who lives in Parkway Estates, tells us he has decorated only four houses there this year. “There are about a dozen homes lite up this year.” Robert explains. “This is our 32nd year, some are getting tired of it. Nothing lasts forever unfortunately.” To see past photos of Parkway Estates decked for the holidays CLICK HERE.

Our former neighbor Steve Cseh, who moved out of state yet keeps up with South City via Everything South City, commented to Robert upon hearing the neighbors are not decorating as they have in the past.


I want to say Thank You for the Christmas Joy that you brought to my family and to the many families that came to see the decorations over the years.
We used to bring our daughter every year and when she was between 2 and 5 years old. Now she is 20 years old and still remembers the decorations.
We moved to Georgia in 2007. Whenever we visit Bay Area to see Family during Christmas Holidays, we drive by the neighborhood to look at decorations.
I would imagine that it becomes a lot of work to get the decorations up, then taking them down after Christmas.
I believe that the first corner house had a Teddy Bear Christmas Tree in the Window. Not sure if that is you.
Denise Walburg shared her memories of Lilac Lane too:

Lilac lane is the best. As a child over 50+ years I loved it. Back in my time it was really special. I remember there was a live sheep in the manger. I took my son in the early 90’s to see. Fond memories
 Many neighbors reminiscence the ‘old days’ and the amazing decorations displayed on Lilac Lane back in the day. As Robert says, it is a lot of work and neighbors grow tired, which is what has happened in Parkway Estates on Chestnut Blvd.
By chance, does anyone have photos from the early years of Lilac Lane?
Onward to today –
But we still have many homes and areas around the City that are brightly decorated, so please share with us where to look. Gail Spry Knadler recommends ‘Drive down Briarwood in South City’s Brentwood area’ and Matt Reinfeld encourages folks to drive down Forest View. We’ve also noticed some incredible displays on Avalon Drive and through out that neighborhood, as well as the corner of Hillside and Spruce.

Thanks to Katie Donner at City Hall for providing this map so we can check out all the areas in town the City has decorated. Katie is covering the Communications Director position – and we send our congratulations to Leslie Arroyo who is out on maternity leave until March!


Enjoy some of the photos we’ve received this year and send yours so we might add them!



Cold & Frosty out – Thanks to Wendy for the early morning share!


What are some of the random acts of kindness are you gifting this year?


Sign Hill Tree 2021 Credit AW


Sunset over Sign Hill with our Tree-
Credit AW


Santa’s reindeers getting ready to jump up on the rooftop at See’s
Credit: Jose RT

Sign Hill Tree at Night
Credit: Maria Bie Quiambao



Santa’s Reindeers on See’s –
Credit Jamie Vargas


Up on the rooftop –
at See’s
Credit Brandi Magner




Orange Park decorations
Credit: Tiffany M. Louie


Orange Memorial Park decorations
Credit: Tiffany M. Louie


A good reminder. BUT if you are to gift others – please support our own local small businesses!


Where rainbows start in the midst of our December rainstorm – thanks to Barbara for the share!


FYI – it ends on Sign Hill!! Credit Barbara



We will update new photos as we receive them. If you have some to share, please send to

Here is a blast from the past –

who else is happy that Santa made it back to See’s rooftop in his new sporty red sleigh?


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