Support Local Small Business Featuring Pee Pee and Litter Shield – A Cat Litter Box Accessory

South San Francisco, CA  December 10, 2021

South San Francisco is home to many successful entrepreneurs, among them, we find long-time residents, the Sylvia family who owned Southwood Hardware prior to the death of Bill back in 1983. His daughters, Karen and Tete (Loretta) have followed in his footsteps and today they too are successful entrepreneurs with a signature product they have devised; the Pee Pee and Litter Shield.


Karen, who graduated from South San Francisco High School along with her husband Dave Wigton, shared her business information on our Friday Free for All post which caught our attention. What a clever, and much-needed, product the Pee Pee and Litter Shield is, and we know cat owners agree, as we checked out the reviews from happy customers worldwide.


And seriously, who isn’t tired of cleaning up cat litter that splatters all over the place? The huge spike in pet ownership during the pandemic has brought this issue to many new cat owners – you love your cat but not the clean-up. This product is for you.

CLICK HERE to order and to learn more.

Meet Henry – the inspiration for the litter shield – he approves!

Check it out: No more Litter Box Cat-astrophes!

This flexible and durable, easy to clean shield helps to prevent urine and litter from going outside of the litter box. Depending on your cat(s) habits, you can easily use one, two, or even three shields to ensure the litter stays where it belongs – in the litter box and not on your floor!


“They are sold in packages of 1, 2 and 3 and they are flexible, durable and reusable!” Karen tells us. “Through the years I have tried everything. This shield has been tested, and approved, by my 16 year old cat Henry.”


They make GREAT gifts for your cat lover friends – and with FREE shipping!

CLICK HERE to order and to learn more.

Have questions?

Contact Karen or Tete at 


NOTE: The past twenty months have been an extreme challenge for most of our local small businesses, and to that end, ESC is working hard to help promote them – for free. Now we need YOUR help in using their services and products which allows us to have a stronger community overall.


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Francesca DeMarco
Francesca DeMarco
1 year ago

I have purchased 3 peeper shields. They r fabulous n less cleaning around pan.