Featuring Chajinel Home Care Services: The Road of a Geriatric Holistic Companion

South San Francisco, CA January 21, 2022 by Chajinel Home Care Services

Chajinel Home Care Services is a successful local business owned by Daniela Jontiguard, a Boardmember of our South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. While their main office is located in South San Francisco, they serve our elders through out the San Francisco Bay Area. In addition, through their Foundation, they have been able to help our local homebound seniors during the shelter in place with boxes of necessities and food – for free.  Chajinel Home Care Services is seeking qualified and dedicated assistants, per page 3 below.

For more information, please contact Chajinel at Office 650.741.6107  or Direct: 650.219.5049 or by email  info@Chajinel.com





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