Show Your Love & Give Blood

February 7, 2022 Submitted by – The Native Daughters of the Golden West Parlor No. 246 & The Young Men’s Institute Council #32 

You’ve heard the news stories, and seen the social media posts. The shortage in our Blood Supply has reached the critical stage.

This means that if someone is in an accident and needs a transfusion of their blood type, there may be a delay in getting that needed blood!

Or, if there are complications during labor and childbirth, the needed blood may not be available.

A cancer patient may have to wait for their needed treatment.


But . . . there’s hope. There’s a hero. That hero is YOU.


With one blood donation, you could safe up to three lives! Those lives could be someone local: a neighbor, or a loved one. Certainly, someone’s loved one.

So, in honor of Valentine’s Day, why not Show Your Love – Give Blood! ?

The Native Daughters of the Golden West Parlor No. 246 and the Young Men’s Institute #32 are bringing the Vitalant Blood Mobile to South San Francisco.

Please make your appointment in advance for this Blood Drive:

Sunday, February 13th 9 AM – 1:30 PM

All Souls Parking Lot, Corner of Spruce and Miller Avenues, South San Francisco

Here’s a shortcut to get to the appointment site:

You can even call by phone to make your appointment. Just be sure it is the one on Sunday, February 13th at the All Souls Parking Lot.

Even if you can’t give blood . . . or you’re no longer near South City . . . you can make a difference by spreading the word! Email everyone you know near South San Francisco. Post it on your social media. Print out a couple of the flyers and ask if you can post them up in your favorite SSF coffee shop, barber shop, salon, library, laundry mat, deli, book store, grocery store, etc.

Thank you for all your help!

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