The Benefit of Composting our Organic Food Waste

South San Francisco, CA  March 18, 2022

Spring and summer bring about lots of great fresh foods to enjoy yet we do find ourselves with quite a bit of organic waste left over. The South San Francisco Scavengers continue to reach out to their customers advising why different practices are necessary and encouraging us to all take part in reducing our footprints. Some neighbors have questioned why it is necessary to separate our organic waste from the regular garbage – and the SSF Scavengers explain why we must feed Ozzy the Organic Cart:


In a landfill environment, organic waste releases a super pollutant called methane.

Methane is a greenhouse gas 84 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Landfills are the 3rd largest producer of methane in the state.

Please do your part to reduce the impacts of climate change – feed Ozzy the Organics Cart!


In addition, this message is also super important for local businesses as the SSF Scavengers share:


Offices, retailers, restaurants, hotels, labs and other commercial, government and industrial facilities must separate organic waste from garbage.
Local businesses are encouraged to contact South San Francisco Scavenger at 650.589.4020 to arrange for a green bin.



To learn more tips, and to get more information, please check out the SSF Scavenger website CLICK HERE



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