Happy 16th Birthday LOUIE!

South San Francisco, CA  May 31, 2022



South San Francisco resident, Jan Esparza, shared her story about her special pup Louie as he is about to celebrate his 16th birthday on June 6th.

“This is my Yorkie Louie. He will be celebrating his 16th birthday on June 6th!!!” Jan tells us.  “I adopted him from the San Mateo SPCA 15 years ago. He was brought there by a South San Francisco police officer who found him wandering in the intersection of Westborough and Gellert Avenue at 1:00 AM in the morning in South City.”


How Louie Got His Name

“When I went to the SPCA they named him Sparky because of his excitement and extremely friendly personality” Jan informed us.  “I saw another white Yorkie dog next to him who was named Louie and I thought ‘No you’re not a Sparky, you look like a Louie!’

“And I changed his name before I took him home. He was so excited when he got in the car to go to his new home!” Jan added.

‘Hopefully, you can help him celebrate his big day!!!!!!!’


Well, we think we can!!

So please give a woof woof shout out to LOUIE –

Happy Birthday, Lucky Pup!!

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Diedra Walker
Diedra Walker
1 year ago

Happy happy 16th birthday Louie! Hope you get a lot of good treats! I have two dogs and they’re 15 years young!💖🎂🥳🐾