Gas Price Alert for South San Francisco and Surrounding Cities

South San Francisco, CA  June 30, 2022 by Roger Cain

If you’re here in California, fill your tank tomorrow, because prices go up again when the new fuel tax goes into effect on Friday, July 1st.

Below are some of the prices of gas in the South San Francisco area as of June 30th. Let us know what prices you see on the 1st.


CalMatters, Emily Hoeven, offers an overview CLICK HERE

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1 year ago

biden is selling oil to Europe and Asia . how stupid. America last . Joe take your foot off the neck of the oil and as industry . you can’t run a country on solar panels and wind farms. Germany tried it. it does not work . stop listening to Kerry ! and the religion
of climate change. big hoax . theory that is not proven . just a theory being pushed
for 50 years . why does Bernie sanders have a mansion on the coast if he really
thinks the sea will rise and put his house under water? is he going to build a dam
put a moat around it? raise it ? no. it is all part of the great re- set. new world order

1 year ago

Blame for the high gas prices is simple. FIRST CALIFORNIA

1 year ago
Reply to  rlee

NEWSOM AND BIDEN don’t care about the people they claim they are helping.
and people keep them in office. I don’t get it. I signed the recall. guess it takes
sexual a scandal to get a democrat out of office. like Clinton and Como.

1 year ago
Reply to  steve


1 year ago

it is intentional . Biden and his minions hate oil and gas. it is not Putin’s fault
not big oil’s fault. it is the plan. just like Obama did slowly emptying out the
oil reserve. and begging oil from our enemies. stupid people. do not
fall for the lies from the administration. and weak republicans going along with it.
as Putin is getting rich selling oil to other country’s to keep his war going.
we have our own ! getting rid of the gas tax won’t do a thing. it is twice
as much as it was when the smart guy was running things. not the empty vessel
taking marching orders from someone. I can guess who.