Kaiser Permanente invests $92 million in the Greater San Francisco area

South San Francisco, CA  July 12, 2022 Submitted by Antonia Ehlers, Kaiser Permanente

Helping communities recover from COVID-19


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kaiser Permanente’s mission to improve health in the communities it serves has taken on new urgency, especially as some communities will need more help than others to recover from the pandemic.


In the Kaiser Permanente Northern California 2021 Community Health Snapshot, stories and videos highlight Kaiser Permanente contributions, investments, and partnerships focused on protecting hard-hit communities and supporting a just recovery from the pandemic.


In 2021, Kaiser Permanente invested $1.05 billion in its Northern California communities. This included $167 million for charitable health coverage and medical financial assistance for people who cannot afford health care, $85 million to support the education of new health care professionals, $52 million in charitable contributions to improve health, and $19 million to support research to improve the delivery of health care for all.


In Kaiser Permanente’s Greater San Francisco service area, the 2021 Community Health investment totaled $92 million. Our grant to the City of South San Francisco funded vaccine confidence outreach and language and appointment assistance in predominately Latinx neighborhoods, assisting 5,200 people to get vaccinated.


To read more about our work in the Greater SF area, please CLICK HERE


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Marco Nunziati
Marco Nunziati
1 year ago

They should invest by enlarging the parking facilities and the hospital on El Camino Real ,the place is getting crowded.