SSFPD Media Release: Catalytic Converter Thefts and Recovery

South San Francisco, CA  August 12, 2022 Submitted by SSFPDSouth San Francisco Police Department logo

On Friday morning at about 2:25am South San Francisco Police Officers responded to the 2200 block of Shannon Drive (Westborough Neighborhood) on the report of an interrupted theft of a catalytic converter.


Officers learned two male suspects associated to a black Infiniti coupe fled after cutting a catalytic converter from a Toyota Prius. While checking the area, officers observed a similar vehicle driving in the area and it fled from them at a high rate of speed. The vehicle was located by neighboring agencies who pursued the vehicle northbound on Highway 101 towards San Francisco.



The vehicle was involved in a solo traffic collision near the Vermont Street exit and two occupants fled from the vehicle.The passenger was taken into custody, but the driver was not located.Further investigation revealed the vehicle contained 14 catalytic converters, a portable saw, a jack, and it displayed a stolen license plate.


Detectives are actively investigating this case and have already connected two of the catalytic converters to victim vehicles from South San Francisco.


Please contact the South San Francisco Police Department if you have any information regarding this incident.



Please note this is the same incident reported earlier today by KTVU identifying CHP and Pacifica PD

This was a SSFPD response & investigation.

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M. Baker
M. Baker
1 year ago

Nice of you to call out a TV News show for their mistake. I sometimes have to laugh at their geographical mistakes as well.

1 year ago

Thank you. Hope you catch them all & they go to jail, not released after a few hours. My catalytic converter was stolen twice within a three month period, 2nd time after having my vehicle back one month.