Statement by California Water Service on Governor Newsom’s Water Supply Strategy

South San Francisco, CA August 12, 2022 Submitted by Emily Hernandez, CWScalwater logo

California Water Service has been laser-focused on climate change, supply diversification, and demand management, and we strongly support Governor Newsom’s new water supply strategy. This includes an urgent call to do more to conserve water, and to identify and develop new water supplies through infrastructure improvements, recycling, desalination, and more surface storage.

Climate change means more boom and bust water cycles and affects water quality, and California must be aggressive on many different fronts to prepare. The plan laid out by Governor Newsom aligns with Cal Water’s own strategy to ensure our customers continue to have a reliable supply of safe, clean, and affordable drinking water along with a sustainable supply for future generations.

One immediate step the State Legislature and Governor Newsom can take is to support SB 1469 (Bradford, Becker). The bill gives water providers a powerful new tool called decoupling that will increase conservation among customers and reward low-water users with lower water bills.

We look forward to working with the Governor and Legislature to implement the new plan.

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steve m
steve m
1 year ago

here we go again blame it on the weather. let’s see what happens . probably nothing like normal or worse yet money spent on something that won’t help or work.
has not been improved on in 50+ years as the population grew.
gonna have to go back to watering the lawn with bath water like the in 70’s
they don’t do anything till there is a disaster. reactive not proactive.