Kilroy Oyster Point – Project Status Update

South San Francisco, CA  September 30, 2022 Press Release

  1. Activities Completed Since August 2022 Project Status Update:
    1. Remaining Landscape installation in the Marina Completed


  1. Upcoming Work Events
    1. PG&E permanent power to the Marina – Mid/End-October 2022.
    2. New Traffic Signals will be operational once PGE power is established – October/November 2022
    3. Marina restroom construction completion – Late September 2022.
      • Restroom availability tied to PGE permanent power – Mid/End 2022
      • Users of the restrooms will be formally notified of the openings at a later time this Fall. Otherwise, restrooms remain closed as construction wraps up.


  1. Notifications
    1. Picnic Table Reservations
      • Picnic tables at the site are not capable of being reserved through a reservation system. Once open, they will be drop-in use only; first come first served.
    2. Crescent Beach area not open to public use, including picnic tables, as project is still undergoing construction and closeout activities.


  1. Oyster Point Blvd. Directional Signage
    • Please follow directional signage for traffic entering new Oyster Point Blvd.
      • Northbound traffic should stay on the right-hand side of the median when crossing the new intersection.
  2. Public Parking
    • Please make sure that no vehicles are parked on any sidewalks throughout the Oyster Point Peninsula, which are public rights of way and may need to be used by emergency vehicles at any time
  3. Vehicular Traffic
    • Please make sure that no vehicles attempt to drive down the city’s maintenance path to the beach. A cattle gate has been installed to prevent this activity.
  4. Bike Lanes along new Roadway
    • All bikers should be cautious when using the newly striped bike lanes. Please make sure to adjust to the new traffic flow.
  5. New Parking Lot
    • People that are parking in the new parking lot should NOT store personal belongings in the parking spaces. All residents are required to store their personal belongings on their vessels or find off site storage.
    • Please ensure that the ADA stalls remain open unless being used by a person with an appropriate placard stating they can use the space.
  6. New Pier Ramps
    • All Marina users should NOT circumvent the paved pathway and pier ramps and cut across the landscape areas. This activity could damage the landscape areas.


  1. Kilroy Phases 2-4
    1. Phase 2D Parking Garage Construction through 2023
    2. Phase 2D Building Construction through 2024
    3. Phase 3C Streets Construction to start beginning of 2024.
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Kawika Mac
Kawika Mac
1 year ago

Interesting…not a peep about the 💩-show over at Oyster Cove Marina