Adult Coloring Book Group Open to New Members

South San Francisco, Ca  October 9, 2022

Who doesn’t love to color? This activity is something many of us enjoyed as children and it’s great to see this extended to adults the past few years. The Mayo Clinic reports the benefits of coloring for adults to include;

Promoting Mindfulness

Relieving Stress

Embracing the imperfect

“What used to be known as a simple, fun activity for kids now is a tool for practicing good mental health. ” the Mayo Clinic states. “While children’s coloring books feature cartoon characters and simple designs, adult coloring books have intricate patterns of flowers, artwork, mandalas or animals.”

Alan Hoeschen, our South City neighbor shares this information “”Adult coloring group is looking for new members. We meet every Wednesday at 3:30 at the SSF Public Library on Orange Avenue. Coloring is lots of fun and is very relaxing. We start at 3:30 and go for as long as you want to stay.”


If you have any questions please contact Dot at (650) 346-9971

“Everyone is invited” Alan writes. is one of many online resources where downloadable coloring pages are available for free.


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