Letter to the Editor: Vote for Tom Carney

October 14th, 2022 – South San Francisco, CA

by Former Fire Chief of San Bruno, Thomas E. Ott

October 1, 2022

Letter To the Editor
Vote for an honest person. Tom Carney is running for the South San Francisco City Council. There are many examples of how Tom Carney has shown how kind and selfless he is through actions to help those in need. Tom has gone out of his way to assist those in need or with no outside help for small tasks that make a huge difference in peoples’ daily lives.

Tom offers he not only because it is the right thing to do but also this attitude is what is needed in our communities. Tom Carney once went out of his way to purchase a new toilet for an elderly woman with no extra income or family to assist. He purchased the new toilet on his own an installed for no cost at all. This is just the type of person he is when no one is looking; it is in DNA to help others. He is the type of person who will offer help to anyone in need because should all look out for each other.

He gives back to the community in dozens of examples like this one, but he also offers leadership in organized events, as he has organized and run the South San Francisco Toy and Free Food Drive for over twenty years now.

Tom Carney has been resident of South San Francisco for over 30 years and is devoted to making the community a better place through small and big actions. Vote for Tom Carney and you will get a good, honest citizen elected.

Thomas E. Ott
Former Fire Chief, San Bruno


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Dr Sunny King
1 year ago

Tom Carney has a heart of gold.
He is a problem solver and is efficient and effective leader.

Yes, vote for Tom Carney for the SSF City Council. 

Lisa R
Lisa R
1 year ago

Anyone really interested in what the candidates have to say should attend the Candidates Forum in person at the Municipal Services Building 6pm-7:30pm Wednesday Oct 19. District 1 and 5 candidates will attend. Even if you do not live in these districts you will still be effected so let’s see what the challengers to the incumbent’s have to say about the state of the City.

B. Daniels
B. Daniels
1 year ago

The man for District 5 is Eddie Flores.

1 year ago
Reply to  B. Daniels

@B.Daniels don’t live under a rock and do yourself a favor and research before trying to convince people to vote for a candidate that cannot be transparent.

The letter to editor is well written as well as the knowledge from those who have commented.


Cory Alan David
Cory Alan David
1 year ago

I, too, have heard of Tom Carney going above and beyond to help a fellow resident. Another welcome novelty, we actually get the pleasure of electing him to the council rather than having someone appointed to the seat.