City Council meeting tonight! 6:00 p.m. Save the MSB!

January 25th, 2023 – South San Francisco, CA – Submitted by Cindy Marcopulos

City Council meeting tonight! 6:00 p.m. Save the MSB!

The Municipal Services Building is still listed as a possible high density/low income housing development in the 700-page housing element that will be presented to City Council for a vote tonight. Remember what former City Manager told me personally when I asked in 2019 about all the developments, “It was approved and I’m implementing them.”

Housing Advocates will attend this meeting demanding the MSB remain in the 700-page housing element, but this building means nothing to them, they just want housing anywhere.

But, this building is special. It has historical significance for all South San Francisco residents, and we need a senior/multi-use center on this side of the city.

Remember, Vice Mayor Nagales stated at the 12/14/22 council meeting that there is $21 MILLION in “east of 101 impact fees” that he wants to make a priority for the biotech to have bike and walking trails.

Who has been more impacted than the residents of South San Francisco by the biotech and the corporations?

We want the $21 MILLION in the east of 101 impact fees to preserve the MSB as a senior/multi-use building that has historical significance for all South City residents. It is up to code, ADA compliant, has ample parking and we own it free and clear, there are no financial incumbrances on the MSB.

Join me tonight, attend the meeting, speak under public comment (you can pull an agenda item out of order), call in and continue to send emails to the City Council.



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Maria ramirez
Maria ramirez
1 year ago

Put a freeze on more housing. Until more affordable housing is offered to more ssf residents not just for bio tec employees that tend to move frequently. of new buildings that have been built so far are they all sold or filled to capacity to make sure that we don’t have buildings that are empty and will have to be torn down later South San Francisco needs a recreation place for parties and gatherings stop the madness