Former AMR Employee Arrested for Forcible Oral Copulation; Previously Charged with Fraud at SSFFD

South San Francisco, CA  April 29, 2023

Miguel Nieblas Ontiveros, a 35-year-old resident of Redwood City, and former employee of AMR (American Medical Response) has been arrested for felony charges of forcible oral copulation committed while on a medical run on Dec. 23, 2022. Ontiveros was with the 76-year-old fall victim in the back of the AMR ambulance while transporting her from a SNH (Skilled Nursing Home) in Colma to SM Medical Center. The medic/ driver was unaware of what was happening but became concerned upon arriving and seeing Ontiveros pulling up his pants and the patient spitting semen out of her mouth. The investigation confirmed the DNA testing of the defendant’s semen found in the victim’s mouth.

Ontiveros was immediately terminated by AMR, and upon arrest, had been retained on $3M bail, court appearance took place last week.

In May 2021 there had been a similar report against Ontiveros but there had been no corroborating evidence and the patient was not mentally competent, therefore no charges had been filed. These are only two occasions that have been reported, we might ask how many unreported assaults may have taken place on those who are most vulnerable.  MORE INFO HERE

AMR contracts with San Mateo County Health Joint Powers Authority, which is made up of 17 fire service agencies, to provide paramedic first responder services, and is a private/public partnership since it’s inception in 1999. The City of South San Francisco retains their own paramedic program which was proposed in 1973 and are the only fire department to provide full paramedic transport services in San Mateo County. MORE INFO HERE However, AMR also offers transfers to patients in need in South San Francisco.


In older news that is circulating locally, Ontiveros had worked for South San Francisco Fire Department until 2019 and had been charged with ‘grand theft by employee’ for submitting fraudulent time cards. Henry Lee with KTVU News offered this tweet in January 2021.


Per Ontiveros  was 111 percent higher than average in 2019 and 477 percent higher than median salary in South San Francisco.

These numbers do not seem to agree with other reports.


These numbers do not agree with other sources, fyi


California Transparency showed different numbers, as seen below, however his pay was double in 2019 from 2018. Records there show Ontiveros worked with SSFFD since 2016. We have no information if his departure from South City was due to his fraudulent scheme or if he received any recommendations from any department heads or from HR upon terminating employment here.


Ontiveros despicable, heinous behavior is not representative of the good work that our medics perform, those who are dedicated for caring for our neighbors in their time of need.


Ontiveros may be looking at life in prison on the sexual assault charges if convicted, and once in prison, well, that will be another chapter in this man’s life. Again, while there are currently two reported ‘incidents’ and apparently only one is chargeable, if you or anyone you know has additional information, please contact the San Mateo County District Attorney’s Office (650) 363-4636 or email at

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