South San Francisco City Councilmember Eddie Flores Appointed to Serve on National League of Cities’ Race, Equity, and Leadership (REAL) Council

April 27th, 2023 – South San Francisco, CA – Press Release from the City of South San Francisco 

South San Francisco City Councilmember Eddie Flores Appointed to Serve on National League of Cities’ Race, Equity, and Leadership (REAL) Council

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif., April 27, 2023 – Councilmember Eddie Flores, representing District 5 in the City of South San Francisco, was appointed to the National League of Cities (NLC) 2023 REAL Council. Councilmember Flores was elected to a one-year term to develop and guide programs among local elected officials from similar communities. NLC President Mayor Victoria Woodards of Tacoma, Washington, announced the appointment.


“I’m honored and humbled to serve in this role representing South San Francisco and it is my goal to strengthen the capacity to build more equitable communities,” said South San Francisco Councilmember Eddie Flores. “It’s imperative that we build safe places where people from all racial, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds thrive socially, economically, academically, and physically. Serving on this Council will help South San Francisco continue to advance its efforts in diversity, equity, and inclusion for all.”


As a member of NLC’s REAL Council, Councilmember Flores will play a key role among a diverse group of local leaders to encourage collaboration, networking, and the development of resources and programs beneficial to communities that share demographics, size, or location that can be replicated across the country.


“Our member councils give voice to what’s happening on the ground in our communities,” said NLC President Mayor Victori Woodards of Tacoma, Washington. “I am proud to have Councilmember Flores join NLC’s REAL Council. Together with a team of local leaders from around the country, we will work to address the toughest challenges facing our communities and ensure that America’s cities, towns, and villages have the resources they need to thrive.”


The leadership of this year’s council will consist of Co-Chairs Councilmember Andrea Barefield, Waco, TX, and Mayor Steve Patterson, Athen, OH; Co-Vice Chairs Councilmember D’Andre Jones, Fayetteville, AR and Mayor Pro-Tem Ty Stober, Vancouver, WA.


For more information on NLC’s member councils, visit

About the City of South San Francisco

The City of South San Francisco proudly remains The Industrial City, a reflection of its steel mill and shipbuilding past, redefined to reflect the innovative, entrepreneurial, and industrious spirit which has made South San Francisco the Biotech Capital of the World, with over 250 active biotech companies and growing. A vibrant community of 67,587 residents, South San Francisco enjoys a high quality of life with an extensive public parks system, active library, and learning programming, and a dynamic, engaged community making South San Francisco a great place to live, learn, work, and play.


For more information about the City of South San Francisco, visit

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11 months ago

EF is a walking contradiction, he will step over you to get where he’s going–and call it equity. EF looks like Howdy Doodie in that photo,google it if you’re a Gen Xer and don’t know who that is.
He’s got to be the humblest person in SSF, heck he’ll dethrone Mother Teresa,( that’s supposed to be funny) but one should not say humble and EF in the same sentence.

Cory Alan David
Cory Alan David
11 months ago

Really? Mr. Flores happens to live in one of the most racially diverse cities on the Peninsula. If you have any doubts, don’t believe me, check the statistical makeup of South San Francisco. The only time our council members take up this subject is to use it to insult many who settled here with false accusations of racial exclusion and covenants. Sadly, this included the many WW II veterans who settled South San Francisco immediately post war. My Father included. This is the thanks these heroes get after saving not just our democracy, but the world from fascism. Our city officials shamelessly have used this denigration of the “Greatest Generation” as a tool to force their housing agenda down our throats. Ironically, their actions have revealed them to be members of the worst generations. And how is South San Francisco rewarded? We get a city government that is run more like a monarchy rather than a representative democracy.

My advice to Mr. Flores, listen to your fellow “REAL” Council colleagues so that you might learn of cities that really have racial inequities. Hey, on the plus side, if successful it’s another entry on your resume as you use SSF as a springboard to higher office.

steve m
steve m
11 months ago

yes exactly . I could not of said it better. can’t really say what I really feel about mr. Flores. the editor of everything south shitty already warned me to be nicer. anyway.
said it once and will keep repeating . EQUITY and EQUALITY are entirely different things.
I don’t care what color your skin is . where you where born . who you go to bed with. no one really does.
does not matter. the country is set up for equal opportunity under the law.
EQUITY is taking from others to make everybody equal. AKA socialism .
SSF has alway’s been diverse . inclusive and all . stop it already.
. Irish. German. asian .hispanic. you name it. just read all this nonsense
he said nothing . just fancy talk. these people are un-doing all the progress made
in the last 100 years or better in the name of (progress) . my grandparents that left faschism in Italy
in the early 30’s would not believe what people like this are doing to the country.
must of been brainwashed in college. time for him to move on and out of SSF .
where do we find these people? (we the people) have little to no say anymore .
many have started to pay attention. maybe it’s not too late. god bless America.
or what is left of it. maybe too being to optimistic ? baby boomers need to speak up.
educate these people like Eddie. what is he like 30? yes (real) alright. I will stop there.