Still Need a Father’s Day Gift? San Francisco Wine School Has You Covered!

June 13th, 2023 – South San Francisco, CA

Father’s Day is quickly approaching! Is the favorite Dad in your life a wine lover? San Francisco Wine School has a variety of gifts for the wine lover in everyone!

They have classes available on Zoom so anyone can be a part of them. Below are just a few of their offerings:

Cabernet Sauvignons of the World 

Learn Cabernet’s origins, other homes, and characteristics. Discover how it varies based on climate, soil and traditions in various international regions through a guided tasting of 6 wines. Despite the differences, you will find common threads. This class is a must for Cabernet lovers and those seeking to improve their wine-tasting skills and knowledge.

Wine 101

Get answers to all of the questions you have been afraid to ask and learn the basics of wine with our Wine 101 workshop. Learn how wine is made, decoding wine labels, understand how to taste & talk about wine, plus important grapes and styles, how to buy wine, storage, service, and food pairing. The tasting of 6 wines will focus on the structure of the wine, various styles, and main grape varieties.

Intro to World Wines

We will look for global wine patterns touring the world in a glass. Take in the highlights of France, Italy, and Spain, plus various New World regions. The tasting of 5-7 wines will focus on New World vs Old World and examples from various climates and grapes.

Intro to Blind Wine Tasting

Learn about the physiology of taste and how to evaluate acidity, tannin, residual sugar (RS) and other structural elements of wine. Start building your wine description vocabulary. Attend this fun session to gain confidence in knowing what kind of wines you like and how to describe them. Or use this as the start of your journey in preparing for entry to mid-level wine exams.

Intro to California Wine

California is by far the largest wine-producing state in the USA & is a global powerhouse. Credential seekers, or others seeking a deeper dive, can check out our California Wine Appellation Specialist, but everyone will enjoy Intro to California Wines! Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles, and Santa Barbara are some of the best-known regions we will explore but we’ll also survey the rest of the state and the most important wines throughout. Join us as we explore California. In this seminar taste 6 wines as we present the grapes, styles, and diversity of California’s greatest wines.

Intro to Food Pairing

Learn basic food pairing theories and see how different styles of wine interact with primary flavor components. Come taste many combinations and discuss the impact on your palate. Learn your preferences and those in the class and improve your confidence with new pairing knowledge!

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