Why You Should Sell Your Home As Pet-Friendly

June 23rd, 2023 – South San Francisco, CA – by Bill Wolfe, Mortgage Broker, Former  SSF Resident

Bill Wolfe has been a Licensed Mortgage Planner for over 20 Years

Your home undoubtedly has a lot of beautiful things about it. And you’ll want to highlight all of them to make it more appealing to buyers. One positive you probably didn’t think about promoting when selling your home is its pet-friendliness. Finding a pet-friendly home is a pretty big deal to buyers, so here’s how to let them know your home is the perfect place for them and their furry friends.

Why Pet-friendly?

Selling your home quickly and at the right price means you need to appeal to as many buyers as possible. The National Association of REALTORS® reports the Millennial generation is the largest group of home buyers today. And pet-friendly homes are significant to them. According to the American Pet Products Association, over 60% of Americans have a pet, and Millennials comprise the most significant percentage of pet owners, with 34% owning pets. Additionally, a survey by Sun Trust Mortgage indicates one-third of the Millennials that bought homes did so because they wanted to have more space for a pet. So when you look at all those statistics, it’s easy to see that you’re very likely to be selling your home to a pet-loving millennial, and making them aware of how your home can serve their needs makes sense.

What Do Pet Owners Want?

It’s primarily dog owners who are opting for homeownership for the sake of their pets. Due to the size, demeanor, and activity level of some breeds, they have a harder time finding an appropriate pet-friendly rental than cat owners do. Physical space can be an issue, and if they’re in an area where rent is already high, the hefty deposits and cleaning fees make renting even less appealing. So they’re buying homes instead. Make sure to highlight these features when selling your home.
  • Fenced in yard
  • Pet care station
  • Custom dog house
  • Retractable pet gates
In addition to your home being pet-friendly, you’ll want to emphasize the pet-friendliness of your neighborhood too. These things often make a community more attractive to pet owners:
  • Dog parks
  • Fitness trails for walking
  • Other parks or beaches that allow pets
  • Proximity to vets
  • Proximity to pet supply stores
  • Community groups for pet owners
  • Pet-friendly community facilities or events
  • Doggie daycare
  • Pet spas
These pet-friendly features are not just for single-family homes either. Many condo communities have made efforts to appeal to pet owners, and if yours includes any of these amenities on the premises, make sure you tell your real estate agent.

Make it Visible Your Home is Pet-friendly

Pet owners naturally connect with one another, so don’t be afraid to provide some visual evidence of your love for your pet. It will help give a buyer an emotional connection to your home that could help close the deal. A picture of you with your pet, a flashy new water bowl, and a container of dog treats on the shelf is an excellent way to make an impression with a pet owner.
Selling your home as pet-friendly is the right thing to do for today’s buyers, and it helps with finding the perfect buyer for your home.
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Bill Wolfe was born and raised in the Avalon Park neighborhood of South San Francisco and was graduated from SSFHS class of 1984 and continued his education at SFSU pursuing his career in finance. Today he is a top-producing Licensed Mortgage Planner having excelled in the industry for over 20 years. Bill and his wife Tanya have two sons attending the University of Nevada and enjoy family excursions including mountain biking, boating, skiing, and most outdoor activities.

For more information, contact Bill directly; Office: 916/960.5438  Cell: 916/300.8820 EMAIL    

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