Genentech Launches $6M Fund to Advance Community-driven Approach to Health Equity

South San Francisco, CA  July 17, 2023 Press Release

Investing in the power of community to advance health equity


The Community Health Justice Fund is a three-year, $6 million commitment to community-based organizations improving the health of their communities in ways that reverberate far beyond healthcare.

Through this investment, Genentech is amplifying the power and capacity of organizations that are working on the frontlines in their own communities to improve the conditions that influence their health and well-being through a racial justice lens. Our grantee partners are reshaping what it means to be healthy, shifting policies and advocating for investments that support healthier futures for generations to come.

The Community Health Justice Fund is part of Genentech’s $200+ million investment in equity-focused giving since 2017, building on our vision for a healthcare system that is accountable to patients and communities by earning their trust and centering their voices in the pursuit of health equity. By partnering directly with communities, we can support long-term, sustainable impact and generate better – and more equitable – outcomes for all.

The two California-based grantees in this year’s cohort include:

  • Latinas Contra Cancer in San Jose, CA, which provides culturally and linguistically appropriate health education, patient navigation and survivorship support and builds the capacity of Latino communities to understand cancer issues and advocate for themselves in healthcare settings
  • The Praxis Project in Oakland, CA, a multiracial-led and -serving organization that supports over 200 diverse power building organizations advance health, equity and racial justice


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Cory David
Cory David
2 months ago

Is $6 million generous or is it a drop in the bucket for a company that I have been LED TO BELIEVE has an army of attorneys that have spent the last 15 years preventing them from paying their rightful taxes. Probably just a rumor. Anyway, to get away with something like that you would need to buy yourself a city government, who does that? What’s that? Never mind.