Mary Prem Joins SSF Chamber of Commerce as CEO

South San Francisco, CA  July 2, 2023

A Message from Chamber CEO, Mary Prem

Dear Chamber Members,

I am thrilled to extend my warmest greetings to all of you as the new CEO of the South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce. My name is Mary Prem, and after nearly two decades of dedicated service in the nonprofit and fair housing field, I am excited to embark on this new journey working alongside businesses in our vibrant community.


Having witnessed firsthand the transformative power of collaboration and economic development, I am eager to bring my expertise to foster a thriving business environment within South San Francisco. This city holds immense potential, particularly in the fields of biotech and startups. With its strategic location and abundant resources, we have the opportunity to attract and nurture innovative enterprises that will fuel economic growth and enhance the overall vitality of our region.


Throughout my career, my unwavering passion has been to foster the growth of businesses and empower the disenfranchised population, with a particular focus on smaller enterprises. Now, as your CEO, I am committed to providing comprehensive support, resources, and advocacy for our Chamber members. Together, we will forge new partnerships, develop impactful programs, and champion the interests of our business community.


I firmly believe that collaboration and open communication are the cornerstones of progress. In the coming months, I look forward to engaging with each of you, listening to your ideas, and understanding your unique perspectives. Together, we will forge a path that not only strengthens our individual businesses but also fortifies the collective strength of the South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.


I am truly honored to have the opportunity to serve as your CEO and work alongside such a dynamic and ambitious group of individuals. Let us join hands and build a future of prosperity, innovation, and growth for our community.


Together, we will create lasting positive change.


Warm regards,

Mary Prem CEO,

South San Francisco Chamber of Commerce



We also congratulate Olga Garcia, the new President of the Chamber, and Sailesh Mehra, as Vice President. Both of these leaders are well-known within the South San Francisco Community, Garcia in our business world, and Mehra is a former SSF Senior Planner. In addition, we congratulate our outgoing interim CEO Linda Parenti upon her retirement.


For information on joining our local Chamber CLICK HERE.

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Stacey Wagner
10 months ago

I look forward to working with you Mary!

Dee Dee Schiller
Dee Dee Schiller
10 months ago

The link for Mehri in the article goes to an article about Alex Greenwood, previous ECD Director. Huh???????