Spotlight on Local Business: Welcoming ‘Walang Sayang Eco’ our NEW South City business!

South San Francisco, CA   July 12, 2023

We are so excited to welcome a wonderful new business to South San Francisco, WALANG SAYANG ECO, which translates from Tagalog to NOTHING WASTED. This brainchild was founded by South City resident Stephanie Martin, a South San Francisco High School alumni, who is deeply proud of her Pinoy Woman Owned business. Following the advice of her Grandmother who would often say “Don’t throw it away because it’s SAYANG”, Stephanie understands the need to reuse and recycle all that she can. Further as the mama to ‘three little earthlings’ she realizes what she does is important for her kids, not only for them to see and do, but because she wants the world to be a healthier place for them, and all of us.


While she is still working full time in her 9-5 gig, Stephanie is offering her wares at our Farmer’s Market every Saturday and the Brisbane Farmers Market on Thursdays. She features a refiller and eco-waste market to provide environmentally sustainable goods, promoting local craftsmen, small businesses, & creators. Her refillable products are from closed-loop distributors or companies. Her LLC was established earlier this year and she is excited to share her talents with everyone so stay tuned for upcoming community workshops for upcycling crafts and education for all ages with a focus on families. Walang Sayang Eco will move into a brick-and-mortar building in South City in the very near future so stay tuned and follow her on IG HERE!


Stephanie tells us she has always cared for the environment and community since elementary school and was a member of the SSFHS ASB while also doing community service work. “I fueled my ideas for many years but the pandemic started my zero waste journey, I did some soul searching, and I went through a lot of family changes in the last couple of years, and I decided that I needed to follow my passion/purpose to set an example for my kiddos.” Stephanie said. Her passions also include crafting, aerial silks, and hiking with her kids, and she is game to try new things!


AND be sure to sign up for promos and discounts on her website HERE!

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