Town Hall Meeting for the Sign Hill Master Plan

July 6, 2023 – South San Francisco, CA – from SSF Parks and Rec

Provide your feedback about the Sign Hill Master Plan! On Wednesday, July 12, the City is hosting a Town Hall meeting to present proposed improvements for Sign Hill to the community. Come and join us for an exciting update on the progress we’ve made so far with the project. We’ll be discussing trail enhancements, sharing recommendations, and most importantly, talking about the future of this precious local resource. It’s not just important for us but also serves as a critical habitat for wildlife on the Peninsula. For more information, please visit our project website.

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2 months ago

Why must we have a separate plan for Sign Hill?
SSF Master Plan suffices that includes the Mountain.
They make a mockery out of our small town by renaming parts of it.
They better not think of blowing up the mountain to put more Life-Science Bldgs.
or I’m gonna lose it.

Cory David
Cory David
2 months ago

Ironic, big plans for Sign Hill and yet our city government has let South San Francisco be the dumping grounds for any biotech/life science company or developer that arrives on our doorstep. No neighborhood is safe from the bulldozer. Lindenville anybody? Anyway, they’ll tell you that the newfound revenue will benefit the community but most residents would be hard-pressed to point out how their lives have improved. However, we do know who can boast of improved lives, council members who have million dollar plus biotech stock portfolios and ambitious opportunistic members who want to use SSF as a springboard to higher office. If they invite laboratory experimentation with deadly diseases to our city, so be it. Which just inspired me, why don’t we change our Sign Hill to read, “SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO THE CITY THAT NEVER MET A PATHOGEN IT DIDN’T LIKE.”

Cynthia Marcopulos
Cynthia Marcopulos
2 months ago
Reply to  Cory David

“IF” they invite? Mr. David, our city just participated in the 2023 International Biotech Conference to entice/invite more biotech corporations into SSF. As Economic Development Manager Lucero said, “This event is the City’s big business attraction and marketing effort to support our robust life sciences industry.” There were 19,000 participating in this event. Also, Lucero said it is “an effort to showcase South San Francisco as one of the largest clusters (of biotech – life sciences corporations) in the world to companies worldwide.” If you’re not aware, the biotech/life sciences has been approved by our city council to move into our neighborhoods — they will now be at the new Safeway across from See’s Candies and in the new development, Lindenville. When will this city start representing the residents? Pretty soon, they will be in every neighborhood in our city.