Letter to Editor: News of the passing of Marty Romero, a dedicated public servant of South San Francisco

South San Francisco, CA  December 30, 2023 by Chef Ava Marie Romero

My dad William Martin Romero goes by Marty Romero was born on March 5th 1954. He grew up In South San Francisco his whole life. Has lived in Reno and San Francisco but he calls South City his home.


He grew up in Serra Highlands with his dad William Frank Romero (deceased) and Viola Romero (still here today) and 2 sisters Deborah and Laura Romero and he is left behind in his West Winston Manor community with wife Carol Ann Romero,  his 6 children Michael, Casey Green and Molly Bolich. Francisco and Guillermo Romero and of course the fabulous celeb chef Ava Marie and has 7 grandchildren Tyler Gavin and Lily Lynn Green,  Ariel Marie, Colt and Penny Bolich and Charlie Green, and dog Bellatrix.


His work has included serving on the planning commission for 13 years for the city of South San Francisco, he did ran for city clerk in 2008 and lost to Krista Martinelli Larson and then joined the board of directors for West Winston Manor Community Association as good and welfare director and he was the most underrated political figure I know but he built a mistress of flavatown who is declared the autistic rachael ray in my own community and people loved it and he has collaborated with many political powerhouses from former vice mayor Richard Garbarino, Mark addigo, former mayor Karyl Matsumoto and board of supervisor district 5 David canepa I had on my podcast this year.


Look forward to chatting with many more on my culinary late night culinary talk show Chef Ava Marie on the podcast airwaves and his day-to-day operations was a credit management for a Botham’s auction house In San Francisco also serves Los Angeles, New York and United Kingdom and his most celeb cilent at the motorcycle auction was jay leno, former host of the tonight show and he didn’t get a pic but admired him.


He was My dad and a local celebrity too!



Rest in power dad! I will be strong for my family

Love your baby girl chef,

Ava Marie Romero



A private celebration of life will be held for Marty in the near future.

To read more about Marty’s tireless efforts on behalf of our City, archived on our website,  please CLICK HERE.


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Mrs. P
Mrs. P
3 months ago

Our condolences to you, Ava Marie and your family. Your Father’s advocacy, knowledge and wisdom through his great and fearless efforts will always be appreciated!!!
He was our “political powerhouse” that I highly admired and respected.

Although not at all the moment, nor appropriate time, please forgive my opinion with all respect to you during this very difficult time. I wish to apologize beforehand and hope my words are not insensitive, just wish to highlight our respects to your dear Father.
In comparison to your dear Father with every single politician mentioned in this article, there is absolutely no comparison. “Raising their wings” higher by referring to them as “powerhouses”, knowing us regular folk are no match and our voices don’t matter, only adds to the disregard of their constituents.
I never viewed your Father as a politician.
He cared tremendously for our City, was guided by morals of accountability and good judgement and deeply cared and advocated for citizens.

Rest in Peace Mr. Romero 🙏🏼
We thank you for all your dedication and service for a better SSF and in caring for us regular folk, the citizens of SSF.

Stay strong Ava Marie❤️ Continue to do what you love the most as a Chef. Your dear Father is watching from Heaven, very proud ❤️

Mrs P