Letter to Editor: Spare the Air – and My Son’s Lungs

South San Francisco, Ca  December 29, 2023 by Dan, SSF Neighbor

Editor ESC,

To my neighbors and Mayor Coleman:

Please ban wood burning and help bring awareness to toxicity and dangers of wood burning.

Every winter, we are trapped in our homes with just one swinging of door open, to let in enough smoke to cause excruciating and debilitating headaches. My son also suffers from asthma; one day, rushing him to emergency because he had difficulty breathing.

We are being robbed of outdoor exercise and activities because of the toxicity of wood burning. We can’t take our children outside or even think of slightly opening a window. Even so, smoke still makes its way inside.

We suspect the wood burning is coming from a home on northern corner Miller/Acacia or 4th Lane, heading towards Eucalyptus.

Last evening was absolutely horrible!! The smoke gets trapped along Tamarack Lane and Palm/Eucalyptus.

There is a Red Spare the Air Alert today.

Please be aware of own health dangers in deciding on wood burning and the damaging effects to self, neighbors and our planet Earth. We dread our winter season because of the wood burning in our neighborhood.

Hope Every Day is Spare the Air Day

Thank you.

From Spare the Air:

“The miniscule size of fine particles allows them to pass deep into the lungs where they can enter the bloodstream and trigger serious conditions like asthma, strokes, and heart attacks.

These fine particles are emitted from a wide range of activities and sources, including industrial activities, wildfires, and motor vehicles. However, residential wood burning remains by far the highest source of fine particulate matter emissions during winter”



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