Winston Manor Happenings At Night

Locals hook up information on Winston Manor

South San Francisco, CA June 9, 2013

Jim Chazer checks in and asked this question around midnight, anyone have info? Thanks.

Excitement in West Winston Manor. A couple of police cars came screaming down Longford. I went out a few minutes later and there were AT LEAST 6 cop cars and a fire engine at the corner of Longford and Clay. A neighbor told me that the cops chased somebody into a house and that they brought a K-9 unit into the house.

It’s all over now. I hope everyone is safe and that justice is served. If you hear anything, please share.

Barbara Ann Hager Pierini I live in WWM & according to what i heard from other neighbors, one with a police scanner, is that there was an altercation following a car accident & that someone was assaulted with a bat, the other driver sped off; through our neighborhood…and someone was running on foot also. I know the rescue trucks were at the bottom of Clay for quite sometime.

Alan Lopez Dude wow I live 4 houses up the street. And I got home from a party at 10 ish jeeze I knocked out cold that night lol I sleep thru earthquake and now a huge police thing I’m a heavy sleeper lol

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