Everything South City = Home

South San Francisco, CA July 3, 2013

We have a lot of followers, especially on our facebook page, of folks who once lived in South City and still lovingly call this home. As the 4th of July comes up many share posts about the good old days. One native in particular, Lewis Caputa, caught our eye when he posted his appreciation for our work on Everything South City. This one was for him and all those who miss being ‘home’.  This photo reached well over 5,000 people with over 250 folks on our FB page ‘liking’ and the following comments being added by some.  The best part is seeing old friends hook up again via ESC.  No matter how big we grow, we still are a small town after all, thanks in part to social media.

What they are saying:

Monique Martinez Miss my home!

Jamie McLaughlin No matter where i am south city is always home

Marlene Martinez I miss living here…

Rick Forman Always be my home

Sacras Finest missing south city life…… grand ave arts n wines fstival…santa at city hall. the newspaper room in the library on grand… colombus sandwich’s…. n the good ole COPA CABANA BAR on grand… my daddies place!

Melissa MOtero I miss it!

Steven Schoening Get out your cardboard

Trini Robledo-Medrano I miss hm

Kim Hawkins-Lerch Ahhh nothing like home :)) Thank you

Patrick Senecal Oh NorCal I miss it and Sanfran, awesome as always! Enjoy my friend!

Lewis Caputa I’m 45…. I went to Spruce and I remembered when it snowed and the whole school cut and went to sign hill and slid down the letters….. My childhood was great and South City was a big reason why…. Great Parks close to everything!!!!! 2 hours from the snow 15 min from the beach!!!!! Coming home soon!!!!!! School House Grocery on Baden!!!!

Cathy Mueller How the heck r u Lou…..miss u. How is Vegas, come visit soon.

Jody Dandridge I will ALWAYS love and admire that sign. Very close to it when I lived

Jody Dandridge Lewis caputa, I am older than you, but I remember when it snowed also. I attended Parkway at the time in the late 70’s.

Lewis Caputa I went to Parkway….. Class of 82

Lewis Caputa I’m coming home very soon…. How are you

Vanessa Pacheco I’m a recent transplant from the South Bay (I grew up in Santa Clara), but I’m really liking my new home in downtown South City.

Leticia Hernandez Miss my home = (

Linda Meschi Bintz Oh how beautiful that looks, miss home so much

Steve Rawls Love it brings back good memories

Jorge Arturo Prado I do miss home!:-(

Jason Fritts I miss South City. And I miss Lew Caputa.

Irving Jimenez Puro barrio

Sheila Bishop Mangini No place like so.city use to be.(miss those good ole days)

'Home'                                                                    Photo: ROGER CAIN

Home Photo: ROGER CAIN









2 comments for “Everything South City = Home

  1. Jack Smith
    July 4, 2013 at 8:51 pm

    I left SSF after graduation in ’56. Have since lived from San Diego to Redding and now live in Hot Springs, AR. I still like to get back to SSF to visit only. I have family there still and then my Mother and Grandparents are interned at Cypress Lawn.

  2. john
    July 5, 2013 at 8:14 pm

    So City was great when I was a kid growing up could go anywhere and not worry. The cops would kick you in the butt if you did something wrong. But the city has changed so much and there are area’s I dont wish to go or visit. If is a shame a great city has changed the way it has. I have longed moved but do come and visit and see so many things wrong if they would reach out and fix them but like any city they are caught in the money thing. I will alway remember the letters sliding on them as a kid, watching the hill burn every year these were things of home.

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