Parkway Heights Middle School and Measure J upgrades

South San Francisco, CA   February 21, 2014

Barbara Demattei, a South City resident who lives close to Parkway Heights Middle School asked a good question earlier so we are sharing the question & answer for all:
“What’s going on at ParkWay Middle School? The field is all dug up – is there gonna be a new building, or what? Just curious.”

We did a little digging and this was our reply:
‘This is probably what you are seeing – renovations from Measure J Bonds and there is more info on this  link. The photo will show some of the changes to expect. Great questions – thanks! ‘

“Two of our long term projects: South San Francisco High School’s 2 story building and Parkway Heights Middle School’s campus renovation will be preparing for the interim housing that will provide temporary classrooms for the students during the yearlong construction projects at their sites. Preparations are being made at each campus this Winter Break and next year’s Spring Break. Everything will be in place for a summer 2014 start date for these exciting projects of the Measure J Bond Program.
Measure J update 5 Jan 2014-page-002 Measure J update 5 Jan 2014-page-001

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