South City residents respond to No Smoking Ordinance

South San Francisco, CA   April 13, 2015    From our Facebook Page

We posted the article No smoking in South San Francisco downtown ordinance becomes effective May 1st to our Facebook page our community neighbors had much to say. The ordinance was passed by our City Council in January 2015 and will be enforced effective May 1st and includes electronic devices as well. The no smoking area includes all outdoor property along Grand Avenue between Spruce Avenue and Airport Boulevard. The area also extends in both directions down Cypress, Linden, Maple and Walnut Avenues where those streets intersect Grand Avenue, up to the beginning of Third Lane and Fourth Lane, respectively.

This is what some of our neighbors had to say:

  • Raul Yes!!!!!!!!!
  • If ppl cant respect a sign next to to the Starbucks on grand there really gonna respect the new law lol it’s funny cus i just seen like 5 ppl smoking rite infront of the sign
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A. pagano
A. pagano
6 years ago

WHAT on earth would be required to pass non-smoker ordinance, where are smokers supposed to smoke. There must be more important issues to tackle like the ending of the wonderful annual BRIZIO STREET ROD CAR SHOW . AFTER 30 YEARS it has come to end due to the fact of $8000.00 -$9000.00 cost. Perhaps city-council would like to re-hash permit fee, police fee which could have been waived by putting DARE CAR in car show. The Brizio CAR SHOW was a wonderful community activity for everyone,wholesome ,rich or poor. When you really think about what other business has been so kind and generous to our SSF COMMUNITY. It is such a shame when a small business tries to support our community no one in city hall really cares enough to do something to keep a fantastic thing going. Has Brizio ever received and kind of recognition for the above mentioned activity other then City Fees.

Jim German
Jim German
6 years ago

Will that ordinance be enforced the same way that no U-Turns in downtown Grand Ave and no bicycle riding on the sidewalk in downtown Grand Ave, is enforced? I think not. Isn’t there a law that prohibits smoking within 25 feet of an entrance to a business? Not sure on that, but if there is, that doesn’t work either. Just another waist of paper, time and money.

I AM a non-smoker, but I think this ordinance is a little too much.