San Mateo County Health System: Public Opinion Survey on Marijuana

South San Francisco, CA    July 26, 2016  San Mateo County icon Everything South City

The San Mateo County Health System is surveying San Mateo County residents like you. We want to hear about your thoughts and beliefs about people using marijuana in your community. We will use this survey to plan education and prevention efforts. This survey is completely confidential—we will not collect your name or any information that will identify you. You can skip any question that makes you uncomfortable. This survey should take about 5-10 minutes to complete. If you have any questions about the purpose of this survey, you may contact Stella Chau with the San Mateo County Health System at (650) 802-6432 or
North County Prevention Partnership (NCPP) and Pacifica Prevention Partnership (PPP) are coordinating implementation of these surveys in Northern San Mateo County. To take the survey, please click on one of the following links based on the city where you live:

South San Francisco, Brisbane, or Millbrae CLICK HERE

Daly City or Colma CLICK HERE

Pacifica or San Bruno CLICK HERE

• If you do not live in any of the cities listed but are still a resident of San Mateo County, you may choose any one of the links above to take the survey.
Survey links will be functional until 5pm, August 15, 2016.


This information was shared by a South City resident and was published on our social media which resulted in this exchange:

AD:I don’t know who designed it but as a psych major it’s definitely not an unbiased survey! It also doesn’t leave room for feedback, instead we must email. Alrighty, well oh well.

North County Prevention Partnership: Thank you for the feedback AD! We’ll make sure to share your concerns anonymously with the evaluators for the project. I don’t think the survey went through the IRB process, so some of the questions could probably have been written better. Nonetheless, if you wouldn’t mind sharing or encouraging other people to take the survey, it would really help out San Mateo County with regards to planning future prevention and potentially treatment services based on community input. We’re hoping to collect about 300 surveys in South San Francisco, and hopefully 1000+ from throughout the entire County. And just to clarify, the aim of the survey is purely to collect public opinion; we’re not interested in getting people in trouble with any agencies nor law enforcement. Thanks again! -Athila, NCPP Project Coordinator

AD:Awesome will do, I sent an email with some feedback, hope it helps. Glad this info is trying to be collected nonetheless.

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