Harbor Commissioner Brennan Celebrates Endorsements and Court Victory

South San Francisco, CA    September 21, 2016  Press Release

Sabrina Brennan, Harbor Commissioner

Sabrina Brennan, Harbor Commissioner

REDWOOD CITY – San Mateo County Harbor District Commissioner Sabrina Brennan continues to rack up endorsements for her campaign for reelection. Along with her previous endorsements from the Sierra Club and Coastside Democrats, she is pleased to have received the endorsements of State Senator Jerry Hill, the San Mateo County Democratic Party, and the Half Moon Bay Seafood Marketing Association.


Ms. Brennan is also pleased to have successfully represented herself in court and convinced the San Mateo County Superior Court that there were irregularities in the candidate filing process. Due to these irregularities, she won the right to amend her candidate statement not only to the satisfaction of the County but also to highlight the work of the Committee for Equity in Women’s Surfing (CEWS).


“I’m very pleased that the Honorable Judge Miram and Glenn Levy, County Counsel and attorney for the Elections Office, both agreed that there were several irregularities in the candidate filing process. I’m very honored by this victory and now have the opportunity to include the Committee for Equity in Women’s Surfing in my candidate statement.”


Ms. Brennan is running for reelection to continue her work in bringing fiscal reform, transparency, and environmental responsibility to the Harbor District. She remains the first and only out lesbian elected to a countywide office in San Mateo County.



The San Mateo County Harbor District took over operation of Oyster Point Marina/Park from the City of South San Francisco in 1977. It then completed construction of docks and 589 berths, a new breakwater, and onshore facilities during the 1980’s. The District diversified this recreational marina bringing in ferryboat service (134 of 589 berths were removed to accommodate ferry service, resulting in 455 berths) to the East Bay, dining cruises, marine educational programs, and cooperation with the City on area redevelopment. MORE INFO CLICK HERE

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