SSFUSD Teachers List of Supplies Needed: Genentech to match funds on projects

South San Francisco, Ca   September 21, 2016 donors-choose

Gone are the old days when the schools would supply needed items for their students, as many parents can attest to the extensive list of things their kids must bring to school. And even with the families requirement too many teachers are filling in the needs with money from their own pockets. One way that has been beneficial to our teachers includes the DONORS CHOOSE program, as brought to our attention again this year by South City resident Belinda Skarsgard. **Genentech is matching funds for ALL these projects, up to $500, in support of their FutureLab program with our SSF Schools.

Ms Kuhn from Los Cerritos is working to provide books from high interest series and by authors her students enjoy. Her program currently needs $280 to fully fund this for her students. (MORE HERE). SSFHS teacher Ms. Hambrick’s project also will receive matching donation from Genentech as she works to bring her project ‘Greening Urban Thumbs‘ to fruition. And there are many more requests, each with a story by the teacher explaining their projects and how the supplies will help them reach their goals.

Our Schools are classified as  ‘Poverty’ on a few different scales up to  ‘Highest Poverty’ . This is based on the need for free or reduced lunches which include 40% as poverty, and 65% and higher as High Poverty. Donation requests are clearly identified and accounted and this is a wonderful way for those in our community to help support others who need additional help. Our teachers, their students and the parents greatly appreciate all the help we can offer!

We also acknowledge the continued support of Genentech as the site shows: “Donations to this project are now being matched, thanks to support from Genentech. Futurelab, Genentech’s commitment to science education in South San Francisco, looks to inspire a life-long curiosity in science. Futurelab helps grow and support the next generation of innovators by developing meaningful educational experiences through resources, employee time and talent.”

Take a look at some of the projects our teachers are requesting help to complete and donate as you can. CLICK HERE for more information

There is truth in the old adage; It takes a village

**Update: Genentech is matching funds for ALL the requests, we had only identified 16 in error on our original write up. 

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