Women’s History Month Spotlight- Carolyn Hoskins/Domini Hoskins Museum Learning Center

South San Francisco, CA   March 13, 2017  Submitted by Carolyn Livengood

If you haven’t visited this museum, you are missing a very enlightening and educational experience. Please help pass the word.
Thank you.
Carolyn Livengood

To celebrate WOMEN’S HISTORY MONTH my volunteer program “A Helping Hand” will be highlighting/recognizing women who are making or have made a difference in their community. That difference could be in business, education, community service or any of a variety of areas. One month is a very short time to recognize contributions that take place every day, every month, all year round. Carolyn Hoskins is being recognized today. For more information, visit her Facebook page. CLICK HERE


Carolyn Hoskins is the founder and executive director of the nonprofit Domini Hoskins Black History Museum and Learning Center Foundation and curator of the extensive exhibit. The widow of Robert “Bob” Hoskins, a former S.F. 49er defensive tackle, she is also a member of the NFL Alumni Northern California Chapter executive committee. The museum and learning center is named after Carolyn Hoskins’ grandson, Domini Hoskins. He admits that, “my favorite part of the museum is the sports collection.” “This is very, very passionate for me,” said Carolyn Hoskins. “Kids in school are just not getting the knowledge about black history and the important roles blacks have held in our country.”

-Keith A. Young, A Helping Hand


Please come out and join us at our new location this month:
190 Independence Street
Menlo Park, CA 94025

For more information please contact:
Carolyn Hoskins 650-921-4191
Jeff Bayer 650-533-4949

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