PG&E Begins Electric Safety and Reliability Projects in San Mateo County – SSF, SB, SFO

South San Francisco, CA    August 16, 2018  Submitted by SB Community Leader Robert Riechel

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is making safety and reliability improvements to several power poles and an electric transmission tower in San Mateo County. The work will take place near San Francisco International Airport, San Bruno, and South San Francisco.

While traffic will not be impacted, passersby may notice an increased presence of PG&E crews, contractors and heavy equipment in the area. The work is scheduled to place from 7 a.m. through 5 p.m. at or near the following locations:

  • San Bruno: Crews are upgrading six power poles located on PG&E property at 7th and Walnut Streets in San Bruno.
  • South San Francisco: Crews are upgrading six power poles located on PG&E property across from 360 Shaw Road in South San Francisco.
  • San Francisco International Airport: Crews are upgrading an electric transmission tower located on SFO property.

PG&E has reached out to customers in the area to inform them of the projects and will continue to provide updates every step of the way. Electric service to customers will not be affected during these projects, which are scheduled through November 2018.

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