Sign Hill Tree Goes GOLD for September Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in Honor of South City Angel; Juliana Pena

South San Francisco, CA  September 1, 2019

Our Tree on Sign Hill will be lit in honor of Childhood Cancer Month as we remember our own Princess Warrior Juliana Pena



Tonight as we gaze at our famous Sign Hill, we will once again notice the tree adorned in gold lights, as our City goes GOLD for September’s Childhood Cancer Awareness month, in honor, and in memory of, South San Francisco’s little Princess Warrior, turned Angel, Juliana Pena, who lost her battle fighting Neuroblastoma at the tender age of 2, days before her third birthday, in 2012.


Juliana looking up with her heartwarming smile, she did not make it to her 3rd birthday.



Due to the advocacy work done by Juliana’s family and supporters,the City of South San Francisco, along with other Cities, the County, and the State of California, now officially proclaim September as Childhood Cancer Awareness month. The United States also recognizes this month, as witnessed by President Trump’s proclamation which can be viewed CLICK HERE.




Each day 46 kids are diagnosed with cancer. And today 7 kids will die from cancer. There are 13 other cancers that take the lives of children, Neuroblastoma is one of them, the one that took Juliana away far too soon.


When you look at the tree, which will remain lite through the full month of September, please remember these facts, share them with others who might not know, and remember, at this very moment, another family is facing this horrific nightmare as they fight for a little one in their own circle.  And GO GOLD for September, change your social media profile to it, wear gold, tell the story, help fund and find a cure!




More on Juliana’s Journey, CLICK HERE.

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